Olio miscela EXCED BLUE PRINT  lt.1

Exced BluePrint oil lt.1

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Totally synthetic lubricant for two stroke racing engines at higher number of revolutions, specific for kart and motorbike. RSK Blue Print is a revolutionary lubricant formulated with a brand-new generation of polymeric esters, being the result of the most advanced research about the study of synthetic basis applied to lubrication and of a great experience gained on the race field.

Extraordinary lubricant results are assured even with the minimum percentage of lubricant used as well as a remarkable wear reduction of the friction components. Expressely recommended for racing performances. Approved by Cik-Fia. Dispose of properly.

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It is a revolutionary lubricating oil with a brand new generation of polymeric esters that ensure exceptional lubrication characteristics even at lower lubricant percentages, as well as a significant reduction in friction component wear, estimated at 50% compared to the best racing lubricants on the market. .

It was created for racing applications (moto- kart - minibike - superkart etc.).

Specifically designed for KF engines, it finds its best use in all those racing engines where maximum performance is sought with lower lubricant percentages.

It is a lubricant for 2-stroke racing engines that use leaded or unleaded petrol blends (not suitable for blends with methanol).

It ensures exceptional lubrication, guaranteeing lubricity results superior to any racing lubricant on the market today.

Dramatically reduces seizure and knocking phenomena.

It is recommended for all extreme use 2-stroke engines that operate at high rpm (up to 20,000 rpm).

CIK - FIA approved

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